Prepare your Business for a Digital Future.

Digital Wisdom offers a unique look at your business and how it can leverage digital tools to enhance, identify and optimize your needs to succeed in an ever-changing technological world.

We help develop your digital infrastructure.

Consulting should be poetry, not platitudes.

An authentic philosophy is the foundation of every good business. The future of branding is rapidly changing, as more consumers have more access to information the more transparent the world becomes.

This is why Digital Wisdom focuses on creating a trusting and authentic relationship between  you and your clients to thrive in a world of consumer intimacy.

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At Digital Wisdom Consulting we understand that data is the future. Information is the guiding light in the darkness of consumer behaviour. A quantitative understanding of your business and your clients is a necessity to compete within a technological environment.

We help organize, aggregate and access Key Performance Indicators that track performance on multiple levels of your digital business, allowing instant access to information to help grow, strengthen and understand key relationships to stakeholders on multiple levels.

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As a full-service digital consulting agency, we works closely with clients to define and develop technological solutions to complex digital issues.

We help empower your relationships with stakeholders across your brand, helping you connect deeply with your customers and audience in authentic and value-driven .

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After we develop a digital foundation for your business, we work closely to define and target goals that align with your digital strategy leveraging creative content on multiple social media platforms, as well as the design and development of digital marketing campaigns.

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Our Philosophy

Simple & Original

Many can use the word creativity, however many fail to understand what it truly means. Creativity is a by-product of being original, that is why we position our-brands uniquely, so that being creative comes naturally.


We put people first. Empathy and compassion drive the betterment of humanity so we focus our businesses to do the same.


We are on a mission to help businesses transition to the digital world, so that our small businesses can survive and continue fuel entrepreneurship within our communities!

Our Latest Work

We help empower small businesses to thrive and prosper in a global and technological world.

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Our Mission

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As a small business based out of Toronto, Canada, Digital Wisdom Consulting's ultimate goal is to add value to the community around us. This means giving great services to small businesses in our communities to fuel entrepreneurship and help contribute to a more creative and sustainable future.

Evan Stolpmann
Founder, Digital Wisdom Consulting

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